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Meeting Global Market Demand Through Customized Service & Overseas Operations

    by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

Kan Good Enterprise founded in 2007 is a specialized OEM and ODM providing mixed fastener packs. The company takes in the manufacturing technique and meticulous customer service from the affiliated Zenith Good Enterprise. Within just 15 years, it rose to become a fastener packs supplier highly recognized by global clients in the supply chain. The last two years saw the global fastener demand spike, and it led to increasing demand for small packs. Kan Good can produce 5 million to 7 million small packs of fasteners, using 100 tons of materials every month. The company is able to play an important part in the supply chain for its high productivity. With abundant and diverse fastener packs, the company exceeds its counterparts by a notch on the global market, and steadily cater to customers’ demand for products.


Delicate Customized Service Getting Thumbs-up from Clients

Kan Good’s reputation speaks for itself. Many clients with experience with Kan Good praise that the company “is very good at giving customized service compliant to clients’ needs and spec requirements.” Furthermore, the company provides both standard and customized products. It can not only provide 4cm X 4cm to 18cm X 10cm standard fastener packs, but also mixed fastener packs with up to 8 different items, as well as instruction booklets. The packs are available in PE, OPP and CPP materials. Furthermore, the company can add logos, labels, barcodes, QR codes and designated corporate colors to the packs for clients. This delicate and customized value-add service satisfies clients’ packaging requests in one stop.


The company’s sales target the Americas (40%) and Asia (35%), and Europe (20%). The company provides fastener packs for housewares, assembled furniture, electronics, sanitary ware products and other DIY markets. Kan Good is a long-time collaborator with global renowned brands. It had developed a new manufacturing process for a clients’ machined product and gained praise for cutting down the clients’ cost.


Excellent R&D Capability & Overseas Operations 

The capacity up to 7 million packs derives from using multi-stroke forming machines, continuous stamping and punching machines, heading machines, threading machines, tapping machines, automatic mixed fasteners packing machines, optical sorting machines and over 100 other machines manufactured by Chun Zu Machinery, Chien Tsai Machinery and other machine makers. In 2020, the company took a step further and expanded its plant into Alian District of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Compliant to ISO 9000, Kan Good is a stickler of quality in manufacturing process. Any ready product that has not gone through the test scales for precise measurement will not be allowed to pass, thereby keeping the defect rate under 200 ppm. The company also conducts product development. Currently its patented products include special set screws and expansion screws for construction.


The strength of Kan Good is stable quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and excellent R&D capability. With overseas operations, it can sell Taiwan-made fastener packs to the world. “We stick to what we started with, and that is no arrogance. We offer our clients good service, stable quality, innovative R&D and service based on sustainable business, and we expect to expand into diverse markets for Kan Good.”


Steve Lee.jpg

Steve Lee
General Manager  

Karry Wu.jpg

Karry Wu
Deputy General Manager

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Frank Wang
Production Manager

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