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Tapping into Global Prepacked Fasteners Supply Chains

KAN GOOD Has What It Takes to “Keep Goods Covered”

by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

There are countless prepacked fasteners & parts suppliers on the market, but only a few of them have what it takes to tap into the supply chains controlled by worldly known hardware and parts brands. Kang Good Enterprise Co., Ltd., established 14 years ago, is also among the few excellent suppliers. Inheriting the superior manufacturing technique and fastidiousness about customer service from its affiliated company, Zenith Good Enterprise Co., Ltd., Kang Good was founded in 2007 as a business specialized in offering OEM and ODM service for prepacked fasteners in order to satisfy the growing market demand. 


Capabilities for Standard and Customized Parts;

All Customers Can Find Their Own Suitable Products

Compared to other companies in the same trade, Kan Good offers a more diverse range of prepacked fasteners. Its average monthly output reaches around 5-7 million packs and the volume of materials used per month approximates to 100 tons. Most of its products are sold to America (40%), Asia (35%), and Europe (20%) and are applied to houseware, assembled furniture, 3C electronics, sanitary ware, and many other DIY-related industries. Several worldly known brands and trademarks also maintain close and long-term collaboration with Kan Good. In the past, Kan Good once developed a new manufacturing process to support a customer’s R&D of machined products, which later helped the customer reduce the cost and increase the capacity and made the customer treat Kan Good with increased respect. 


Many companies in collaboration with Kan Good said, “Kan Good has quite excellent capabilities for customized service according to each customer’s demand and required specifications.” It can not only provide standard prepacked fasteners in specifications of 4cm X 4cm to 18cm X 10cm, but can also provide different combinations of at least 1-8 categories in each pack as per customer’s request, user manuals, and various packing materials such as PE, OPP, CPP, etc. In addition, if requested, it can also provide customers with value-added service like printing of company logos, trademarks, brand colors, bar/QR codes, etc. Such an all-inclusive service allows customers to have their own demands immediately satisfied by reaching out to only one contact approach.  


Using Facilities Only from Leading Brands; 

Stable Yield Rate Control

Valuing product quality and perfect service a lot, Kan Good has its manufacturing procedure fully compliant with the ISO quality management system and further expanded its factory to Alian Dist. (Kaohsiung) in 2020. More than a hundred sets of multi-stroke forming machines, progressive-die stamping machines, heading machines, thread rolling machines, thread tapping machines, automatic fastener mixing & packaging machines, and optical sorting machines manufactured by Chun Zu, Chien Tsai and other leading machine manufacturers arrayed in the factory fully demonstrate Kan Good ‘s dedication to keeping its manufacturing procedure management above the level at all times. All pre-packed products are required to undergo precision inspection before they are allowed to be shipped out of the factory, so Kan Good can always keep the defective rate within 200ppm. 


Kan Good noted, “Stable quality, favorable prices, punctual lead time, superior R&D ability, and overseas operations are all our advantages. In the face of the upcoming era of high goods prices and wages, the market demand for do-it-yourself products would definitely increase. As a result, we’ll continue to expand our service in this field and extend our reach to more markets based on the idea of sustainable operation.”  

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